In DERMA LEATHER we learn from the past, live the present and learn from the future. In order to reinforce this mission, Management is implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS), in accordance with the Reference Standard NP EN ISO 14001: 2015, in order to ensure adequate environmental performance, adopting good practices that respect and preserve the environment.

Thus, the Company's Management established an Environmental Policy based on the following values and principles:
1. Integrate environmental protection, pollution prevention and environmental management into all stages of production processes and along the value chain;
2. Promote the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of its activities, through the awareness and involvement of all employees in the prevention and sustainable use of resources;
3. Establish and periodically review environmental objectives and targets with a view to reducing the environmental impacts resulting from all its activities;
4. Comply with the legal requirements and other environmental aspects applicable to its activity, as well as other voluntary commitments;
5. Promote the rational and sustainable management of resources, specifically water and energy, with special attention to the reduction of consumption and the use of renewable energies;
6. Ensure the diffusion of the Environmental Policy adopted to all those working for or on behalf of Derma Leather, keeping it permanently accessible to the public.

Environmental Policy